Ensuring the health and well-being of all is essential to poverty eradication efforts and achieving sustainable development, contributing to economic growth and prosperous communities. Health is also an inalienable human right according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as good health allows people to reach their full potential, children to be better able to learn, workers to be more productive and parents to care for their children better.

It is also a key indicator of a country’s progress: a nation with a healthy population is more likely to experience sustained growth. Good health is also essential for the stability of entire regions, as pandemics, which transcend borders, can have severe social and economic impacts on families and communities, and can put increased pressure on health systems.Several hundred million people across the globe continue to go without basic health services, especially in rural areas and in the most impoverished communities.


Partnerships are a key component of our approach. Working collaboratively with international organizations and Canadian civil society, life-saving vaccinations, nutritional supplements, and other medicines and commodities can be delivered more effectively and efficiently, thus providing communities with the means to prevent and treat leading diseases and illnesses. These include HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, diarrhea, pneumonia, malnutrition and undernutrition, and other primary causes of mortality and morbidity. George Sebulela Foundation will build on its successes and leadership, in particular, through its activities in:



We also continue to work closely with international organizations such as the World Health Organisation; Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria; Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; Nutrition International and many other key partners.