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George Sebulela Foundation was conceptualised & founded in July 2022 in Pretoria, South Africa. The Foundation was founded by its Chairman & President, a renowned entrepreneur & a prominent organised business leader, Mr George Sebulela.


Partner & collaborate with all key stakeholders throughout various countries in the world including but not limited to Governments, Corporates, Media etc for the implementation of projects & programmes that are within our foundation’s intended scope & objectives.


To contribute meaningfully & make a positive impact to develop communities throughout Africa & other countries in the world.

Primary focus areas

Education Development

Education is a human right, a powerful driver of development, and one of the strongest instruments for reducing poverty and improving health, gender equality, peace, and stability. It delivers large, consistent returns in terms of income, and is the most important factor to ensure equality of opportunities. READ MORE

SPORTS Development

Our Sport development programme & projects support golf, soccer, netball, rugby and cricket development projects. Sports develop skills that individuals can use to become more productive in their individual ambitions. It also builds social cohesion and social capital—keys to development and prosperity. READ MORE

HEALTH Development

Ensuring the health and well-being of all is essential to poverty eradication efforts and achieving sustainable development, contributing to economic growth and prosperous communities. Good health allows people to reach their full potential, children to be better able to learn, workers to be more productive. READ MORE

Secondary focus areas

Housing Development

Without a proper home, it is very difficult for breadwinners to find paid work. Many live in camps or informal settlements far from towns and markets, and can’t afford to travel. Others lack the documents required to work legally. But if you have a home, you have stability and a better chance of getting a job. READ MORE

Water & Sanitation

Around 1.8 billion people globally use a source of drinking water that is contaminated with faecal matter. Water scarcity affects more than 40 per cent of the global population and is projected to rise. More than 80 per cent of wastewater from human activities is discharged untreated, polluting rivers or seas. READ MORE

Safety & Security

Safety and security represent many things, including a stable income, consistent housing, clothing, and food supplies as part of the predictability of daily life, protection from crime, and psychological security. A World Bank’s Voices of the Poor report shows that safety, security and justice are major concerns for citizens. READ MORE